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Credit Limit: $50,000

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This American Express Card will add a $50,000 credit limit, < 1% utilization rate. Amex does NOT report credit age. Only the credit utilization will be reported.

The statement date on this card is the 15th of each month.  It usually takes 10 to 15 days AFTER latest statement date to show up on your credit report.

You will be added as an “Authorized User” within 2 business days and remain on the account for 60 days (or two posting cycles) after tradeline posts to your file.

*Buyer will not receive actual credit card.*


To be added as an Authorized User I will need the following:

  1. Valid state issued Photo ID card to confirm identity.
  1. SS Card Photo to verify identity (not CPNs)
  1. Date of Birth
  1. Residential Address
  1. Phone Number
  1. Your Credit Karma login to verify results and to confirm that the tradeline has post to your account. You should change your password after the 60 days or two months of history has expired if you wish.

This tradeline is guaranteed to post to at least 2 bureaus or a full refund will be issued. After tradeline posts there will be no refund.



**PLEASE DO NOT ORDER IF YOU HAVE AN ACTIVE FRAUD ALERT!**  If you have one, I will likely not be able to post because of it.

* Please note we cannot guarantee an exact credit score increase as this can vary greatly depending on your personal credit profile. We will not offer any refunds if the tradeline does not improve the credit score to the customer’s satisfaction.

*Adding a seasoned tradeline with a perfect payment record should generally enhance your credit profile.

* Also, adding AU tradelines does not magically fix a bad credit report. Any negative items on your report should be removed by a reputable credit repair company BEFORE purchasing tradelines.

* No CPNs! All buyers are subject to verification via a third party social security ID verification.


The lease and user agreement will be emailed to you for signature prior to being added as a authorized user.


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