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How Do Tradelines Work?

If you’ve struggled to build your credit in the past, we’re sure that being told there can be a quick, easy, and faster way to do it has your attention….and possibly a few questions.

Here’s what we do: we offer some of the best authorized user tradelines. We have assembled people with high credit scores and perfect credit who are willing to add you as an authorized user on their credit card account.

Once you are added as an authorized user and the line reports to the credit bureaus, the positive credit history of that account is then added to the credit report, which can help with your scores. It’s also important to note that while tradelines can be very helpful, they don’t work for every type of credit report. For example, if your report has recent collections, charge offs or late payments, it is highly likely that tradelines will not be a good fit for your credit.

Still have questions? See what Capital One and American Express have to say about tradelines.

Miya Jones
Miya Jones
Matt was amazing every problem o had he solved it ❤️
Jay Mac
Jay Mac
Dustin Wicker
Dustin Wicker
EzeCreditServices provided professional, quality service that helped me out. They were trustworthy throughout the entire process and communication was second to none. I would recommend EzeCreditServices to others.
Chris Teeter
Chris Teeter
Quality service that definitely pays off. Trustworthy and reliable.

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Telisha’s Story

Who Are We?

In 2016 our owner, Matt, realized the tradeline industry was in dire need of a ethical, honest, and hassle free tradeline company. Too long had customers overpaid for expensive tradelines and dealt with sales people making hallow promises resulting empty wallets and low credit scores for their customers. Fast forward to today and hundreds of customers have successfully increased their scores thanks to EzeCreditServices. We focus on YOU the customer as we realize everyone is different and no two credit reports or people are alike. We strive to keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to the customer. Find out why we are the fastest growing tradeline company in the industry today!

Choosing a Tradeline Company

EzeCreditServices has established itself as a trusted provider of tradelines, consistently earning 5-star reviews across various online platforms. If you’re in the market for tradelines, here are some essential items to consider:

  1. Is there a contract in place?
  2. Does the company have a website with online reviews?
  3. Do they have a customer verification process?
  4. Is it clear what guarantees they provide?
  5. Do they offer a refund, and what is their refund policy?

A company that accepts payment without requiring a contract is clearly not a reputable business. The absence of a contract suggests amateurism, and inexperienced entities often vanish after taking your money. This leads us to the second point: Does the company have a website where customers can leave reviews? A legitimate tradeline source will be concerned about maintaining a positive online reputation and will value customer feedback. Negative reviews can swiftly tarnish a company’s reputation, revealing their lack of commitment to customer satisfaction and their sole focus on personal gain.

Additionally, does the company verify your identity? A tradeline seller that neglects to verify your identity may be associated with fraudulent individuals. Financial fraud is prevalent across the financial industry, and any company or individual that neglects identity verification could potentially be involved with dubious entities.

It is essential that the seller of tradelines provides precise information regarding your purchase. Beware of claims that promise specific credit score increases or point additions to your report. The intricacies of how these data truly impact credit scores are known only to the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), and their algorithms are not public. When purchasing tradelines, you are acquiring a tool to improve your utilization, account age, and establish positive payment history in pursuit of your financial goals.

At EzeCreditServices, we prioritize transparency, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. Our track record speaks for itself, with numerous satisfied clients and a commitment to providing high-quality tradelines to help you achieve your financial objectives.

EZEcreditservices was awesome! My tradeline posted a little later then i expected, but it boosted my score. Thank you!!!

Tasharea Riley

I was looking to raise my credit score before buying a car. I was able to get my score up by almost 100 points in less than 60 days. It was very affordable compared to other companies. I recommended ezecreditservices to my friends and family.

Teslisha Delong

Ezecreditservices wow!!! Matt is AMAZING. I really felt he cared and valued my input. He turned me away from other tradelines and led me to the best tradelines possible for me and my situation. Within one week of having them on my credit I was approved for TWO credit cards! I was able to buy a car and move into a new apartment.

Allen Hare

Straight forward and easy.

Jay Brown

Ezecreditservices is a legit way to boost your credit score to help gain your own personal lines of credit. After adding two tradelines I was approved for two personal credit cards. One at $14,500 and another at $11,000. This was the boost I needed to secure the opportunity to responsibly manage bigger lines of credit.

Justin Dustmann

My husband and I purchased a Tradeline with Ezecreditservice. The agent we emailed, Noah, answered all of my questions. He was frank, honest, and to the point.

Dawn Gibson

My credit score was 534. I couldn’t qualify for a mortgage because my score was too low. After buying two tradelines. My credit went to 689!!

John Martin

I was struggling with bad credit for years. Then I found EzeCreditServices. Thank you!

Nicole Raftary

Anyone looking to boost their score should come here. Matt and his team made me feel comfortable through the entire process.

Tyler Miller

Very professional and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work!

Travis Crater

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