How Do Tradelines Work?

Affordable Authorized User Tradelines what are these and how can they help improve your credit?

If you’ve struggled to build your credit in the past, we’re sure that being told there can be a quick, easy, and faster way to do it has your attention….and possibly a few questions.

Here’s what we do: we offer some of the best authorized user tradelines. We have assembled people with high credit scores and perfect credit who are willing to add you as an authorized user on their credit card account.

Once you are added as an authorized user and the line reports to the credit bureaus, the positive credit history of that account is then added to the credit report, which can help with your scores. It’s also important to note that while tradelines can be very helpful, they don’t work for every type of credit report. For example, if your report has recent collections, charge offs or late payments, it is highly likely that tradelines will not be a good fit for your credit.

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