Resellers and Suppliers

Reseller Program:

Add Tradelines to Your Business

Do you have your own a company where credit plays a major part and are you looking for a tradeline supplier? Look no further.

With our program the customer buys the tradelines from you. You process the order and submit the information to us so we can do the work. This program gives you the ability to charge whatever price you prefer for our tradelines and make more money. Additionally, you will receive 10% off all listed tradelines and packages. This percentage will increase depending on volume.

Please contact us for more information by completing the form below.


  • Completely free to join
  • High income potential
  • Simple ordering process
  • Price flexibility

Referral Program:

Make 10% Commission On All Sales

Watch the monthly income roll in when you refer clients. Referrals start out at 10% and can increase based on business.

-Receive monthly payments via PayPal
-Payment will be processed 60 days after each sale statement date
-Receive agent code customers will use when completing an order

Let us know you are interested by sending a message below!

Supplier Program:

Earn Passive Income

Do you have credit cards with perfect payment history, low utilization, and are interested in making passive income? With our supplier program you can.

Our customers hire us to add positive credit history and utilization to their credit reports.  We pay a fee to suppliers (you) for adding our clients as an Authorized User (AU) to their credit cards.

The AU doesn’t have access to your account; they only benefit from your credit card payment history and low utilization being added to their credit report. Once the card reports to the credit bureau customers normally see a score increase depending on their credit profile.  

You worked really hard for your credit, now is time for your credit to work hard for you. We pay some of the highest rates to our suppliers across the industry.

If you are interested, please contact us via the form below and include the following for each tradeline:

  • Bank Name
  • Credit Limit
  • Month and Year Card was Opened

Once received, we will provide a quote for each tradeline.

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